About Splish Splash Clean

Why Choose Us?

Splish Splash Clean treats customers like family rather than clients.

We build lasting relationships with you to establish trust and loyalty. After all, that’s how we would like to be treated! We pay close attention to your property while cleaning. We don’t clean around things to cut corners, we carefully move them, clean under them and put them back in place! Your property will look exactly the same after our wash, just one thing will be different …. you will have a Splish Splash Pressure Washed pristine cleaned home or business!

We like to do a walk-around before and after with every customer to ensure that every piece of pine needle, mulch and plants are placed back where they belong and that you are left completely satisfied with a sparking clean property.

Non-Corrosive & Environmentally Safe

Rest assured – knowing that when you choose Splish Splash Pressure Washing your property is cleaned using non-corrosive, environmentally approved cleaning detergents. This ensures you’re property suffers no chemical damage during the cleaning process and the impact on the environment is minimal. Splish Splash Pressure Washing utilizes state-of-the-art professional pressure washing equipment to clean your property – NOT harsh detergents and chemicals.

Quality of Service & Professionalism

Our team of pressure washing specialist are thoroughly trained with each piece of equipment and adhere to the highest level of professionalism, quality of service and courtesy. To learn more about why you should choose Splish Splash Pressure Washing for your next project, please visit our case studies and discover first hand what others are saying.

The owner himself is always on site and is the one performing the actual job. How comforting is that!? At Splish Splash Pressure Washing, we haven’t lost sight of the number one rule in life and in doing business … the GOLDEN RULE! Simply treat others as you, yourself would like to be treated. We abide by this and live our lives by treating you, your family and your property with kindness and respect.

We take pride in what we do and when building this business we vowed to be different than every other pressure washing company out there. The foundation of this business is built upon placing ourselves in our customers’ shoes and understanding what they expect from a pressure washing company. Customers expect quality service, professionalism, the best cleaning results for their hard-earned money, and friendly, responsive workers who arrive on time. We strive to exceed all of these expectations. We have gone to great lengths to produce the best cleaning results for our customers by investing in the highest quality equipment and detergents, and understanding how to use them properly.

It’s our pleasure to serve you, won’t you be our next happy customer?

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