Concrete & Asphalt For Commercial

Concrete & Asphalt Commercial Pressure Washing Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC

Let Splish Splash Clean handle your commercial pressure washing needs. Our 550 gallon water tank goes almost anywhere to get jobs done! We clean parking lots, parking garages, all concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Nothing is more unattractive than chewing gum on concrete and or the shadows it leaves after the gum is removed. Let Splish Splash Pressure Washing remove unsightly chewing gum, chewing gum shadows, rust stains, leaf stains, oil, dirt and debris from your sidewalks, dumpster areas, walkways and asphalt. Your business will look well kept and more inviting to customers.

Splish Splash Clean uses a water recovery system to prevent water from going down storm drains. This equipment is mandatory to have when water can’t be directed away from these drains. We do everything we can to protect the environment and to abide by the law.
We don’t want our customers or ourselves being fined for not obeying rules and regulations.

Commercial customers call us today for a free estimate and demonstration. We are sure you won’t regret that call!

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