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Home Concrete & Asphalt Pressure Washing Services in Charlotte NC

Do you have a concrete walkway, sidewalk, driveway, patio, front porch or structure that is showing it’s age? Give it the Splish Splash Washing treatment to show its younger side!

Avoid “Do It Yourself” projects like this and let professionals handle it with the proper equipment and high powered commercial pressure washers. It is almost impossible to clean concrete properly without this type of equipment!

Don’t risk damaging your concrete or having unsightly wand marks because you didn’t use the right pressure and technique. Don’t waste your valuable time on cleaning your concrete with a home improvement store bought pressure washer, instead, relax and leave the cleaning to us!

Meet the Splish Splash Pressure Washing “Big Guy” Rotary Cleaner!

Our rotary concrete cleaners use hot water and steam at the same pressure with each rotation. This helps to avoid those annoying wand marks as seen in the photo above. These wand marks were created by using the wrong equipment for the job. Using the appropriate equipment makes all the difference when cleaning!

Let our professionals pressure wash for you using the PROPER equipment! The rotary cleaner lifts unattractive dirt from the surface of the concrete to reveal a beautiful, white, clean surface! Check out the difference this machine makes below.

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