Sidewalks, Walkways, Decks & Loading Dock Commercial Pressure Washing in Charlotte NC

Let Splish Splash Pressure Washing clean your commercial building sidewalks, walkways, decks and loading docks. No one likes un-presentable, dirty property. We can remove gum, oil stains, graffiti and more. This doesn’t look presentable to customers, delivery drivers or anyone else who may walk onto your property. Greasy dumpster areas, wet mold, dirt and mildew can be very slippery. Reduce liability and keep employees and guests safe by letting Splish Splash Pressure Washing clean these hazardous areas and leave your property looking brand new.

Call today for a complimentary estimate to pressure wash your business. Our pricing is competitive and our results can’t be beat. Do business with us and you’ll be glad you did!

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