Why Choose Splish Splash Steam Cleaning

    At Splish Splash our highest priority is to deliver the best results with what we do and how we do things. This means tweaking procedures to get the absolute best results. When Splish Splash steam cleaning started, we followed the same process that has been previously used to “steam clean” children gear. This method along with the help of ‘Dreft’ cleaning product made the fabric look absolutely fantastic. At 167 degrees this was definitely getting rid of the germs and bacteria but only momentarily, only to come right back as soon as the cleaning process was done.  Also as I cleaned them I realized that this method I was using was only cleaning the outside.

     This new cleaning process I use now completely flushes through the fabric before it goes through our steam cleaning process.  We not only take the fabric completely out to get all that caked up food and gunk in the base, but we also machine wash every item separately to make sure that not only the outside looks fresh and clean but the inside too! There is more to being clean, rather than just looking clean. Here at Splish Splash, we want the customer to get exactly what they have been promised. To top it all off we work overnight to make sure you are never without your children’s gear.

    Lastly we want your experience with Splish Splash to be perfect and hassle free, so we created an option to place your order and pay instantly on our website. With this you will always have the records of your service completed as well as having the option to duplicate your last order which makes a very easy scheduling process. My promise to you is that we will always try our best to give you a great experience with amazing results. Thank you so much for supporting our business!!!

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